Welcome, Jesus is alive and He is Lord.

Well there you are, we've been waitin' on ya, come on in.    

I'm David W. Ives and the lady is my best friend, Laurie, who agreed to marry me back in 1999. 

In the forward to the Christian novel General Paco's Tasty Texas Tacos, I wrote that she helps me with all my "spellin and punctation." You can imagine that includes a lot more than just crossing t's and dotting i's. 

Together we serve Jesus.  “He is Lord.” Jesus has called us to the head pastorship of the Church on the Rock affiliate in Bellmead, Texas. (Now called Praisewind Church on the Rock.) We are grateful for the many believers who have supported this ministry in the Central Texas area. Come by and visit at 1201 Air Base Road in Bellmead. Find out more by clicking the various pages at the top for Praisewind COTR. 

Feel free to check out the Music page for CDs and downloads.  And the Book page for inspired Christian fiction. Also, the book, A Small White Stone, could be of particular interest as it encapsulates 23 years of faith-based deliverance and stronghold destroying in secular psychiatric environments. Freedom and restoration are the key focuses of Praisewind Ministries. 

Also on the right, down a little further, next to the Facebook icon, you can click either Spotify or Apple Music to hear some studio recorded tracts. Under the Praisewind COTR Broadcasts tab are various sermons and Bible lessons.

All proceeds from Praisewind Ministries are used to support efforts of our team to help people turn lives around for Jesus. We also support international missionary efforts.

We wouldn't want you to go without a  song or a bible lesson. All we ask is that you leave a comment. Pray a prayer for us. Like us on Facebook or YouTube. It's encouraging and helps spread the word. 

More than anything we pray that Jesus and all that He is be made real to you, to your friends, and to your family. 

Thanks, and God Bless.