It’s been said that God moves in mysterious ways. But God also moves in more common, majestic, and miraculous ways.

Sonnerie is a story of a soldier who left it all on the battlefield, yet over a period of years was restored to live a miraculous life. It’s a story of his fanciful, imaginative daughter, and her journey from fantasy to a fulfilled life. And how dedicated evil and self-serving people could not keep them from discovering the beautiful and miraculous faith God had made available to them.

Sonnerie is an adventurous story rich in characters and contemporary drama. It’s a redemptive restoration only possible when yielded to Jesus.

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A Small White Stone 

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These are days where science and faith collide. These are days when spirituality and common sense seem so at odds. These are days when being a miracle-believing Christian and good citizen appear to be impossible to achieve. Here is a hands-on account of miraculous healing in a psychiatric care environment, where science and faith appeared to be at odds. David Ives learned that faith is what makes science make sense.  This is a first-hand account of how faith in the power of God transforms hopeless and powerless people to become free from addictions, mental health diagnoses, and trauma. 

The purpose of this book is to encourage what David calls Bondage Breakers and Stronghold Destroyers in setting would-be believers and seasoned Christians alike into a new freedom in Christ. 

Now available in paperback on Amazon and as a digital download on Kindle.

General Paco's Tasty Texas Tacos

This is a book about second chances--about God's plan of prosperity and hope to needy souls. Stanley Puckett had come a long way from riches to rags. All the way to a homeless shelter in Bosque, Texas, which seemed the end of the road. Of course, being at the end of the road had its advantages. He was now free of his family’s expectations.

Yes, God had unusual exciting plans for Stanley. He brought googly-eyed Mickey handing out inspirational “cool sips of water,” Yolanda with her giving heart, and Manny, the attention-starved blue-eyed Mexican, into Stanley’s life. They helped spark an insatiable desire to understand a simple Bible verse. It seemed the height of irresponsibility to believe it is “more blessed to give than receive.” No one could have predicted the epic socio-political upheaval produced from such simple curiosity.

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Spider Goes Electric

Was it Phillip’s plan or was it Spider’s fantasy? No matter, with Spider’s help and one borrowed guitar after another, he shook off his father’s failures and his father’s God. The fantasy became the obsession that pulled him through a war and a disastrous relationship. But while that fantasy promised and teased Phillip with so much, it delivered so little. That’s OK, everyone knows, “If you wanna sing the blues, ya gotta live the blues.” No matter how bad things get, he still had the blues and Spider to lead him forward. 

After the war, most went home. Everyone knows you can’t go back, and Phillip never wanted to. A super-human father and bitter memories kept El Paso, Texas, framed in the rearview mirror of his fantasy Cadillac, even while hitchhiking. 

An odd assortment of strangers pressed Philip into remembering what he had escaped. Surreal encounters interconnecting just below the surface of Phillip’s conversation seemed to press him towards a decision. How long could Spider lead the way? How long could Phillip follow?

Now available in paperback on Amazon and as a digital download on Kindle.

Mexican Guitar

The Sergeant was respected and decorated but calloused to troops and family. After three military conflicts, his marriage was combative also. His approval so unattainable that “The Others” finally rejected him.

His oldest son, Phillip, was standing too close that day and became rejected as well. Phillip now believed he also was flawed. He had as good an attitude as could be managed when tolerated only by his reject of a father.

There isn’t much to look forward to if you are truly rejected. Any bright spot God provides can be held on to so tightly that hope itself gets overlooked. How patient can life be to a kid whose only friend is a Mexican Guitar?

Now available in paperback on Amazon and as a digital download on Kindle.