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A re-recorded version of "El-Shaddai". The original version will soon be on God's plan to prosper you is introduced in a short talk.


More than enough (El Shaddai)             David W. Ives.
King David was young, but when he was old
Watching the years all turn to gold
He’d not seen the righteous forsaken, nor seen their seed beggin bread
While trusting their God.
Jesus beheld the birds of the air
Who did not labor, nor despair
I’ve seen Him feed them daily, and no one thinks them crazy Oh, for trusting Him.
He’s El Shaddai, almighty God
Who created the world. My needs are small and thin
He provides more than enough.
His blessing makes rich, that sorrow is not from Him
You’re His child, now rise to your feet
Don’t let your mind dwell on defeat.
The hairs of your head are numbered
Your God does not sleep nor slumber, Oh are you trusting Him.