From the recording Praisewind Broadcast

I was once a very dysfunctional person because of drugs and alcohol. After giving my heart and my life to Jesus, I found stability and fulfillment. I wrote this silly little song called "I can't stop my ginnin, in 1977.
My initials DWI (driving while intoxicated) became a constant source of humor, for those I coached into a clean and sober lifestyle while working as a mental heath therapist for 23 years. 
Jesus stands at the door and knocks, (Revelation 3:20) Open the door let Him in, see what he has to say.
Psalm 150:6
Your breath comes from the Lord, return it to the Lord in breath. When we Praise Him, we draw close and understand things that we could not understand any other way. (Jeremiah 3:33)
Ephesians 5:18, it is actually easier to be filled with the Spirit than it is to get drunk. Jesus already paid for the things that block being filled. He took the punishment for your sin. Even people who find fault with you cannot prevent you from being filled.
There are so many ways to numb yourself from trouble. But being filled with the Spirit will make you alive, brave and in line with God, be bigger than yourself. The Holy Spirit is more than enough. Don't be dulled down, even if the substance is legal and socially acceptable. 
You will be full of Love, optimism, and greater than yourself giving 
2nd Corinthians 4:14. the inward man is renewed day by day. Being filled with the Spirit renews you. The life that was given to you in your mothers womb is available day by day. You have no need for wine in excess. You may get help from pain killers, but don't rely on them, rely on the Lord. Don't let any substance own you.
Ephesians 4:23 be renewed.   Colossians 3:10- Put on the New Man, who is renewed in Jesus. 
Be one with God, meld with Him, let everything that has breath Praise the Lord, pick up your cross and follow Him. 


I can't stop ginnin       by David W. Ives  1977
You know I can't stop grinnin now that Jesus started winnin, in my life.
I've been rootin for my savior, He's been changing the behavioral me.
I stopped all my lyin, flesh satisfyin, super gimmik buyin and Holy Ghost denyin 
and I can's stop grinnin now that Jesus started winnin in my life.
I met a friend, the other day, he knew me when
My life was empty and I was still sick, and just livin in sin.
He said Dave, come along with me, we'll tear up this town.
Get loaded like a cannon and fire us off a couple of rounds.
I said I can't stop grinnin.
He said Dave, now I know you, what ya been into.
I've seen you up and I've seen ya down (many times)
I believe your comin unglued.
Come along I show you around, I'll show you this place.
And on the way, you can explain that grin on your face.
I said, I can't stop grinnin.
Hey there Jonah, where ya been, where'd ya get that fish.
He spit you up on the water front, you must have been quite a dish.
Do you feel like runnin, boy? From the voice of your Lord?
Or are you gonna preach the Gospel so the mercy of your God can be poured.
I said, I can't stop grinnin.