From the recording Praisewind Broadcast

"Who's that knocking on my door again" never before published. This broadcast includes a short encouragement that we can open the door to Jesus and keep it closed to the spirit of this world and this age. We also can knock on Jesus door, he wants to hear from us. 


Who's that knocking on my door again.
I know him, it's that man called sin.
Always trying to get back in, control of my house again.
But my Master's living here at home
The Lord's His name, setting on that throne.
Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.
He has given me His name, and I'm no longer ashamed.
In quiet times I become strong
Stillness is a joyful song
Cause I know to whom I belong
So tell me what could be wrong
But who's that knocking back on my door
It's that man of sin and he's back once more
Doesn't he know that he's lost the war,
My Master's in and I'm spoken for
Greater is He that is in me,
Than he that is in the world