From the recording Praisewind Broadcast

With a live version of Shepherd of Love, from the album "I've never seen the Wind" (only on under D.W. Ives) an illustration of the coco bird shows that when we expect others to perform and take responsibility for our own Spiritual condition, for our salvation, we lose all power and ability to grow. We remain weak and do not grow.


Shepherd of Love...     by David W. Ives.     about 1978
Shepherd of love, teaching me how to bless my enemies.
Shepherd of love, teaching me how to bless those who would curse me.
Shepherd of love, you are the one and only Prince of Peace.
When it's all said and done, well, I love my Shepherd of Love.
Jesus you're right, I'm wrong. You know where I'm weak and strong,
      and I would surely lose my way.
But you always guide me, as I listen you hide me,
      from the evil that grows every day.
Oh, how I need you, surely I need you, though I sometimes think I am strong.
Your love is so gentle, when I listen to you I can go on.
Shepherd of Love.....
When the facts are all in, and the balance of sin,
      weighs heavy upon my heart.
Well I don't mean to struggle, or the facts start to juggle,
      but that guilt makes the pain and fear start.
In your love I'm now trusting, and I know that you see me,
      so, I'm turning this life over to You.
From Your throne in the heavens, I know you see just what to do.
Your my Shepherd of Love.